Premier BPO Management Team

People Behind Premier's Operations and Administration

  • Kevin Anderson

    General Manager Operations

    Kevin Anderson is Premier BPO, Inc.’s General Manager of Operations and has been with the outsourcing industry since 2002. Prior to joining Premier BPO, Inc., Kevin was Director of Operations at Ovex Technologies. He has been with Premier BPO since 2004 and he has led the Operations management team in planning, developing and executing different procedures and strategies, running recruitment drives, designing and delivering general call center and client specific trainings.

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  • Abid Samad

    General Manager Administration

    Abid Samad is the General Manager of Administration and has been in the outsourcing industry since 2001. He held various positions in offshore operations for Align Technologies and with En Pointe Technologies. He has been with Premier BPO Inc. since 2005 and has led the Project Management Team in establishing operations in and China. Early in his career, he worked in banking, manufacturing and the public sector. He holds an MBA from Western Michigan University.

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  • Sam Hooper (KV)

    General Manager Operations Asia Pacific

    Sam Hooper is Premier BPO, Inc.’s General Manager of Asia Pacific, joined Premier in 2004. He was educated in the USA and has broad international management experience, which includes Logistics & Inventory Management with Furniture Expo in Dallas, Texas, and Customer Support & Contact Center Management experience with Telvista in Dallas, TX.

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  • Usman Kayani

    Operations Management

    Usman Kayani is the Operations Manager at Premier BPO Inc. since 2004 and has been with the outsourcing industry since 1998. Prior to joining Premier BPO, Usman was with EnPointe Technologies, USA as an Accounts Manger handling business in 25 states.

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  • Talha Kamran

    Director Operations Philippines

    Talha Kamran is the Director Operations at Premier BPO Philippines. Prior to that he served as Director of Operations at Premier BPO China. He has more than 7 years experience in back office operations and process automation. His past experience inlcude working as Data Analyst at Synectics Solutions (UK), and Manager Operations at Ovex Technologies (Pakistan).

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