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Case Studies in Brief

Premier BPO is a leading back office process services provider to businesses that belong to Fortune 500 & Inc. 500. Our seasoned BPO strategies and skills in business process management make us an ultimate choice for those intended to reduce operational cost and focus more on core business activities in revenue generation etc. Premier BPO leadership has expertise in outsourcing solutions for more than 100 years, radiant history with achievements especially in back office processing and strategizing back office smooth functions running on behalf of our valued clients.

Spanning from data entry for cable and telecommunications industries as well as error free collections b2b and b2c, billing services, data entry & transcription, employee benefit processing, operational analysis & reporting, procurement services, research & data collection, transaction processing are some of salient back office functions most practiced and carefully customized as per client business needs.

Industry Specific Case Studies & Success Stories










Antivirus Software

As demand for antivirus software increased globally, the largest security delivery infrastructure for a global antivirus software provider was experiencing challenges in providing the high level of customer support being demanded by their users, especially with the varying time zones.  See how Premier BPO collaborated with the software provider to achieve the goals of increasing customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing costs.

Help Desk

A cloud services provider specializing in hosted virtual desktops and cloud infrastructure wanted to offer 24x7x365 support but struggled with staffing the support center.  By working with Premier BPO to provide the staff for this support, the cloud provider was able to improve customer satisfaction scores and distinguish themselves from their competition.  See how Premier BPO helped them to accomplish their goals.

Internet Retailers

When the United Kingdom’s first live-TV shopping channel wanted to increase the amount of repeat business they did, they knew they needed the assistance of an expert partner.  Premier BPO worked with the shopping channel to devise a strategy that was scalable and cost-effective but also secure and reliable.  Here’s how they solved the problem and realized significant business growth.

Insurance Industry

A global insurance provider found that their aging customer relationship management system was negatively impacting their customer experience and wanted to improve the solution specifically for web and mobile users.  See how they managed to improve their customer experience by 30% while saving $500,000 in this case study:

IT Customer Service Solutions

Due to increasing storage, redundancy and high availability needs, a Microsoft-centric environment solutions provider needed to simplify their infrastructure management by moving it to the cloud.  See how Premier BPO devised a strategy to enable the provider to realize better efficiency in providing services to their clients in this case study:

Logistics’ Operational Support

Built on the idea that a successful business was built on the foundation of an atmosphere of mutual respect for employees, supervisors, and co-workers when a North American logistics firm desired to outsource routine day to day tasks, Premier BPO was up to the challenge.  By taking these tasks off the shoulders of their internal workforce, they were then freed to focus on projects that would enable the continued growth and success of their business.  Find out more in this case study:

Solutions for the Medical Industry

When looking to expand the sales of a back decompression device, a leading sales and marketing firm was looking to partner with a vendor who could provide professional and experienced lead generation experts.  Premier BPO fit the bill and was able to significantly increase their lead generation and sales efforts.  Find out how:

Solutions for Technology Solution Providers

Due to accelerated growth, a rich phone application developer needed to expand the support options available to their customers.  Premier BPO had a team of professional support agents who provided 24x7x365 support, enabling the developer to meet the needs of their customers and continue to grow.