What Are Managed Services and What Do You Mean by an MSP Provider?

Managed IT Services or Managed Services are provided by an outsourced third-party vendor and remotely control, manage, and run your company’s IT infrastructure, services, equipment, and upkeep. Often coming equipped with Service Level Agreements, the services can be opted by contract or standard fees.

MSP services nowadays have expanded to include AI and Cloud delivery models. Cloud service providers usually work on a subscription basis, depending upon each client’s needs and the metrics defined for each contract.  MSPs virtually control your infrastructure over the cloud, providing functionality in every circumstance. Considering the new normal of Work from Home and its associated safety issues, an MSP can provide you with the necessary security to keep your systems running.


It is vital to be vigilant of even the smallest of issues with digital systems. To face all futuristic challenges MSPs can easily adapt to new technology. Infusion of MSP into your system streamlines Customer Relationship Management and becomes a key component in cloud infrastructure services. Providing the client with a secure, shared platform to view each endpoint, get updates, and digitally manage functionality by Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools, MSP’s give the user real-time access and control from any location.

Defend Proactively – Mitigate Threats Upfront

Cybersecurity attacks, like malware as well as ransomware, are increasing by each passing day. Monitoring and tracking of your IT systems can limit the dangers of these assaults by taking an aggressive stance to secure your company’s intellectual property.

Custom-made Solutions – Get what suits you

MSP providers create target-oriented solutions that offer technical services specially designed to suit your company. They are inexpensive when designed to the customer’s exact requirements. With defined SOP’s you can upscale or downscale at will.
MSP pricing plans are flat-rated for several features, while premium services can be acquired through on-demand development for solutions. Flexible packages are available with distinct components depending on the number of properties activated.

Peace of Mind – for the Executives

There are enough problems to stress over in business almost every day for the CEO, CFO, and CTO; so why add cyber-security to that list? Management and IT can be content in knowing that someone is watching their back 24/7/365.

Quick Solutions – Efficient Results

With the Infrastructure monitoring services of MSPs you can enhance agility and capability of your systems, whether in the cloud or on the go. MSPs provide preemptive alert notifications making sure critical, as well as non-critical databases avoid any/all system crashes. You can also streamline operations according to your set pace, by getting regular reports on performance and investing in targeted areas.

Peak Productivity – Versatile Workforce

Multi-tasking has become a business norm and your workers have enough to deal with regularly, so don’t let slow systems make their life tougher. With monitoring alerts in place, exceptional end-user support, and regular updates for patching; we can make sure your workforce is as constructive as possible. This is applicable only when their devices and tools are reliable and functioning perfectly.

Data Restoration– Alternate Back-up

With the Coronavirus outbreak, traditional businesses collapsed as they had no countermeasures in place to recover their lost data. For business continuity cloud back-up and recovery came in handy through MSP platforms. Whether its data loss due to virus attacks, natural disasters or any other reason, MSP’s can retrieve it from their virtual servers.

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Secure infrastructure and Business continuity top the requisites for guaranteed business growth. MSP can help you with cost-cutting, process simplification, streamlined operations, and enhanced productivity. Premier BPO tracks and manages your entire IT lifecycle. Offering augmented security through multi-factor authenticated client service platforms, we inform you about every detail and statistic. Our MSP team becomes your extended IT department, harmonizing all operations.

Whether you require SaaS products or MSP management, we provide comprehensive solutions for you to choose from. Our technical cadre comprises of individuals that are antivirus / Security specialists, Cisco Certified, PMP Professionals, Microsoft and SolarWinds certified. We customize services so that you receive the very best of technology and skilled manpower.

Advantages of MSP


What is Kaseya?

Kaseya is a cloud-based, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform. It is a digital tool Premier BPO provides, that is adept to solve your technical, infrastructural, and all end-point related issues. With round-the-clock operations and a dedicated technical team, we keep in touch with our customers through on-chat support, email, and direct calls.


Patch Management:

  • Latest Microsoft approved security patch updates for operating systems, servers, workstations, and other devices

  • Scheduling code changes and controlling reboot scenarios to maximize uptime

  • Compliance management for systems and operations

Monitoring and Alerting:

  • Overshadowing machinery by proactive remote monitoring of CPU, disk, and memory resources

  • Maintenance and proactive care of systems, network, and servers (machine health checks)

  • RMM tools to control customer endpoints and schedule tasks

  • Tickets assigned for alerts regarding critical and non-critical problems

Audit, Inventory, and Reporting:

  • Access to historic data for reporting as per compliances (ISO 27000, PCI, HIPAA, SOC-2)

  • Monthly reports (executive summary, SPAM filtering, risk assessment, recovery points)

  • Documentation usable for internal and external auditing (complaint and GDPR approved)

  • Team expertise in service contracts, vendor details, and financial projections.

  • On-demand reports and audit module access

Asset Management:

  • Automated network scan and asset management

  • Convenient search and management of networked hardware and installed software – No more spreadsheets!

  • Tracking, compliance, and MACD activities of hardware and software assets along with software versions, machine resources, etc.

Network and App connectivity:

  • Our HVD’s act as virtual, online, or cloud data centers, accessible worldwide

  • Ensured hosted applications connectivity, including inter-app working under 24/7 observation

  • Data usage statistics and figures available

  • Troubleshooting timely by alert systems with the customer involved for input and updates

Also handling all VPN management, vulnerability assessment, and devised antivirus solutions, we provide support in software maintenance like Cisco, Bitdefender, Sophos, WebTitan, and all MS programs.

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