Premier BPO is a Business Process Outsourcing company. Premier BPO combines technology, people and customer needs to produce a synergistic blend of customized solutions: Call Centres, Back Office Processes, Customer Care, IT Services, and Technical Support.
Our outsourcing solutions are jointly conceived and seamlessly integrated with the customer’s practices. The new end-to-end process delivers cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, metrics, reports, and analytics. We also provide marketing and sales support capabilities to our customers so they can capture a larger pie of their target market.
Join us as a Global Carrier Automation Specialist. Your job will be to drive innovation in automation across our clients and carriers worldwide. You’ll champion the transformation to digital processing, dive deep into data, and ensure our deliverables are timely and top-notch. Collaborate with a dynamic team, spanning internal departments to global partners.

We are seeking a meticulous and detail-oriented individual to join our team as an Item Specialist. The primary responsibility of this role is to add, update, and manage item records within our database system. The ideal candidate will have a background in the snacks and beverage industry, possess exceptional attention to detail, and demonstrate proficiency in SQL, Excel, and Adobe Photoshop for basic image editing and manipulation.


  1. Add, update, and maintain item records in our database system with accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Ensure all item information is current, complete, and adheres to company standards and guidelines.
  3. Conduct regular audits and checks to verify data integrity and consistency.
  4. Collaborate with cross-functional teams and vendors to gather necessary item information and resolve any discrepancies.
  5. Continuously improve and optimize item management processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  6. Provide support to the accounting team as needed
  7. Perform basic image editing and manipulation tasks using Adobe Photoshop.
  8. Stay updated on industry trends, product specifications, and regulatory requirements relevant to the snack and beverage industry.
  9. Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to understand pricing trends, competitor pricing strategies, and customer preferences. This includes analyzing market data, industry reports, and customer feedback.
  10. Price Analysis: Analyze historical sales data and pricing structures to identify patterns and trends. This analysis helps in determining optimal pricing strategies that maximize profitability while remaining competitive in the market.
  11. Cost Analysis: Work closely with other departments such as finance and procurement to gather cost data related to product manufacturing, distribution, and overhead expenses. Analyze cost structures to ensure that pricing decisions are based on accurate cost information.
  12. Competitor Analysis: Monitor competitor pricing strategies and product offerings to stay informed about market dynamics. Identify areas where the company can differentiate itself through pricing or product features.
  13. Price Optimization: Develop pricing models and algorithms to optimize pricing decisions based on factors such as demand elasticity, seasonality, and market conditions. Implement dynamic pricing strategies where applicable to maximize revenue and profitability.
  14. Profit Margin Analysis: Calculate and analyze profit margins for different products, customer segments, and sales channels. Identify opportunities to improve profit margins through pricing adjustments or cost reduction initiatives.
  15. Pricing Strategy Development: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop pricing strategies aligned with the company’s overall business objectives. Provide recommendations for pricing changes based on data-driven analysis and market insights.
  16. Performance Tracking: Monitor the performance of pricing strategies and initiatives through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue growth, profit margins, and market share. Identify areas for improvement and adjust as needed.
  17. Reporting and Presentation: Prepare regular reports and presentations to communicate pricing analysis findings, recommendations, and performance metrics to senior management and key stakeholders. Present insights in a clear and actionable manner.
  18. Compliance: Ensure compliance with pricing regulations, laws, and industry standards. Stay updated on relevant regulatory changes that may impact pricing practices and advise on necessary adjustments.
  19. Continuous Improvement: Stay informed about emerging trends and best practices in pricing analytics and strategy. Continuously seek opportunities to enhance pricing processes, tools, and methodologies to drive better business outcomes.


  1. Education:Bachelor’s degree in business management or commerce
  2. Experience:3-5 years of experience using SQL queries to obtain and analyze data. Proven experience in the snacks and beverage industry, preferably in a similar item management role. High attention to detail and accuracy in data entry and record management. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop for basic image editing and manipulation. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively. Familiarity with inventory management systems is a plus.

What we offer

  1. Market competitive salary
  2. Career Growth
  3. Learning & Development
  4. Provident Fund
  5. EOBI
  6. Paid Leaves
  7. Medical Coverage (IPD)
  8. Life Insurance

Location: Gulberg II, Lahore

Timing: 8AM- 5PM EST

Interested candidates can drop their resumes
mentioning Job Title in the subject line.