Destination Philippines

When we first landed in the Philippines business 5 years ago, a whole new and exciting opportunity opened for us. Although the…

When we first landed in the Philippines business 5 years ago, a whole new and exciting opportunity opened for us. Although the BPO and Call Center industries were already well established at that point, we saw a geography that was going to continue to expand in services due to the high quality and dedication of the workforce here. Since IBPAP, the main trade organization here, started tracking numbers in 2004, the industry has grown 10 fold from 100,000 workers to over 1 million as of late 2014. This rapid growth and success has been astounding. The Philippines has now overtaken India as the global leader in BPO and Call Center services. The ease of doing business, the warm and welcoming culture, and the dedication to the task at hand are like no other place on earth. When Tholons published their 2014 Top 100 Outsourcing destinations, Manila had shot up to #2 worldwide and the Philippines now boasts 7 of the top 100 best places for outsourcing services.


The national tagline of the Philippines is ‘’It’s More Fun in the Philippines’’. We at Premier BPO LLC have seen how real that statement is. The excitement and warmth of Filipinos carries over from their personal lives to their work lives. One way that we harness those strengths is through our Premier CARES program. Premier CARES was established in the Spring of 2012 as a way to give back to the local community. We have partnered with elementary schools to help support their children. Our employees have fostered friendships and greater teamwork through donating their time and school supplies during their off time to help those around them. It is a wonderful program that not only helps to build up the community around us but also builds teamwork, which in turn strengthens the services that we provide to our clients.

We at Premier BPO LLC employ some of the best and brightest that the Philippines has to offer at our Contact Center of Excellence in Metro Manila. We have a workforce that is always willing to go the extra distance for both each other and our clients. They treat each other like family and do the same for our clients.





Bryan Michel, Vice President Client Management


Bryan has oversight over all of Premier BPO LLC’s client relationships. He moved to Premier from OfficeMax in December 2003. During his eleven years tenure, he has worked as Country Head for the Philippines, Implementation Trainer, and Project Manager. In his role as the Country Manager of the Philippines, he was also held the position of Director of Client Services encompassing new client implementation through continuous operational oversight and client relationship management.