Insurance Marketing in Today’s Digital World

Philly DMA Panel – Insurance Marketing in Today’s Digital World

On Thursday March 10th, Jon Hamilton (left), President of the Insurance Division of Premier BPO led a panel of experts on insurance digital marketing. The other members of the panel are Kevin McKenna, SVP, Digital for RPM Direct; Courtney Bush, Marketing Manager at Aon and Susan Leonard, SVP at Aetna.

The group discussed numerous topics, including:

  • The various digital channels and how each of the companies uses them – Susan is in B2B marketing and mostly uses email to house files, while Kevin buys leads from email aggregators and it is their best source, since they only pay for responders.
  • How these channels are evaluated and with what types of analytics – Courtney’s job is specifically in the area of analytics and she reported that they measure everything they do in terms of clicks, responses and sales. Both Kevin and Susan reported that they have similar analytics for their customer contacts.
  • The data sources that each company uses, including internet leads – Kevin, being the expert at internet leads discussed at length the predictive models they use to vet leads before spending money on selling to these leads. RPM has also used Premier BPO to qualify leads using our call center in the Philippines.
  • How social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are used and monetized – Courtney reported that Facebook and Twitter are important parts of their social strategy, while Susan said that her division of Aetna is in B2b and therefore uses LinkedIn is much more effective for them.
  • Mobile and, in particular, its use by millennials – Both Aon and Aetna have developed Mobile Apps for their products. Kevin discussed how smart phones are getting bigger while laptops are getting smaller, such that devices in general seem to be converging. All agreed that Mobile is critical since Millennials use their smart phones as communications devices more than as phones.
  • The effects of Insurance regulations on digital channels – Each of the panel members said that compliance is still critical for any insurance program, however, Susan said that she is much less restricted than what she dealt with when she was a consumer marketer at Humana. Kevin said that compliance is very important if you are going to call internet leads due to the new restrictions on calling cell phones.

The discussion by the group was pretty lively and the audience too got involved. Most agreed that the evening was both informative and a lot of fun.