Emerging Trends in the Outsourcing Industry: 2015

Cloud computing, SAAS and robotic process automation have revolutionized business process outsourcing practices resulting in increased productivity and operational effectiveness.

Recent technological innovations have introduced new ways of doing business. In this regard, business process outsourcing has emerged as a trend setting concept across industries. This year has brought to the BPO industry an increase in hybrid offshoring, smaller deals, low cost consultancy models and bigger governance requirements. The concepts of cloud computing, SAAS and robotic process automation have revolutionized BPO practices resulting in increased productivity and operational effectiveness. Some of the emerging trends which have acted as core driving feature of the outsourcing industry in 2015 include:

  • Companies Encourage Innovation and Creativity: Companies now seek to do something new which goes beyond traditional ways of doing business. Due to changing market demands, innovation and creativity have become essential to winning customers.  Buyers give preference to BPO providers who have embraced technological innovation. Per a survey by Supple Management,80%of firms encourage innovation and creativity.
  • Companies Prefer Balanced Shore Outsourcing: Companies prefer to partner with business process outsourcing firms that offer options for flexible location, otherwise known as balanced shore outsourcing.  This idea of balanced shore BPO is quite appealing for businesses operating around the globe.
  •  Companies Consider Shorter BPO Engagements: Lately, companies are considering shorter BPO engagements with several specialist providers. In addition to less costly services, professional companies now seek domain expertise from outsourcing companies.
  • Companies Appreciate Robotic Process Automation:  Many business process outsourcing firms are incorporating RPA into their solutions in order to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost, as RPA software offers a smart platform to handle low skill and tedious decision making.
  • Companies Embrace Mix of SAAS and Private Cloud Computing:  The shift from public to private cloud computing has urged BPO companies to look for ways to offer their client a mixture of SAAS and private cloud technology. Companies prefer services such as BPaaS (business process as a service), secure private cloud infrastructure and robotic process automation (RPA).

The above mentioned trends predict that in coming years BPO practices will be more organized, smart and efficient. Growth of the business process outsourcing industry is surely going to bring about positive results for both business owners and their customers.