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At Premier BPO we understand how important customers are for your business. Our Call Center Agents build your Brand Impression through Exceptional Customer Experience. Since 2003, we have proved to be very successful in call center services and outsources contact center solutions provider for IT and software companies as well as eCommerce businesses. The contact center solutions for healthcare and health insurance providers is another milestone Premier BPO, Inc. has achieved in last three years.

We have designed call center solutions that help businesses keep pace with latest market trends and changing customer demands. We understand that in this era of technology and innovation, and the fierce competition over market share, exceptional customer care and engagement is vital for the growth and survival of businesses.
We know the art of Customer Loyalty

Our well planned, well implemented, customized solutions allow businesses to go beyond traditional ways of customer service. We ensure an innovative approach, built around your customer needs, to deliver value added services across all functions of customer relationship management.

Premier BPO’s suite of Call Center Services includes:

  • Customer Care
  • Lead Generation
  • Technical Support
  • Outbound Sales Support
  • Inbound Sales Support
  • Order Taking
  • 24/7 Help Desk Services
  • Overflow Call Management
  • Web Chat and Web Collaboration

We have supported Leading Brands in various industries by focusing on Customer Experience, Engagement, and Growth.

With years of experience in Call Center operations we have assisted many leading brands with our customizable solutions, innovative strategies and tools. We are proud to serve our clients in almost every industry from Automotive to Logistics, Ecommerce to Finance, Software to Telecommunications, Insurance and Healthcare.
Our Solutions help drive Customer Acquisition & Retention while reducing Operational Cost and increasing Upsell & Cross-sell opportunities.

Our integrated customer support solutions leverage your business with customer friendly practices to deliver differentiated customer experience. Some prominent benefits which we offer our clients include:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Reduced Operational cost
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Skill-Up Training Sessions
  • Maximizing First Call Resolution Rate
  • Scalable, Intelligent Solutions
  • Improved Productivity

At a fundamental level, back offices repetitively process large volumes of transactions. These processes can be simple, in/out steps (i.e., posting a payment), or complex, multi-step, multi-touch processes that span days, weeks, or even months (i.e., commercial loan applications and fraud case management). Individuals involved in the processing of work can range from data entry clerks, to auditors, account and case managers, and IT professionals. But regardless the function, the business objectives remain essentially the same — to process the work as quickly and accurately as possible, at the lowest cost, meeting service delivery deadlines, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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