Payroll and Commissions Services Outsourcing

Payroll and Commissions

Payroll and PAYE legislation can be tedious, especially if you don’t have the expertise in house. Fortunately payroll can easily be separated from your other accounting activities and outsourced to Premier BPO LLC. Our highly skilled resources will take care of your monthly payroll, overtime payments, bonuses, commission, pension deductions, etc., and will provide you with the necessary pay slips (electronic format) and reports associated with the payroll processing and Premier BPO LLC will also prepare the relevant monthly and annual payroll reports, do the remittances and other submissions.

Premier BPO LLC offers a completely confidential and cost-effective Payroll Outsourcing Service that includes:

  • Preparation of your weekly or monthly payroll calculations;
  • Executive payroll services;
  • Advising PAYE, ED Tax , NIS, NHT and HEART liabilities; and
  • Preparation of SO1, P45s and the Statutory Annual Return (SO2), etc.

“As a longtime client, I want to thank you for being a true partner with us. As you know the call center environment is one with ever increasing regulatory oversight. Premier BPO LLC is well aware of this and places great emphasis on being compliant while simultaneously meeting management objectives. Your company’s commitment to success shows at every level of management down to the individual supervisor and agent. I’m glad we partnered with Premier BPO LLC and look forward to maintaining that relationship for years to come.”

Bruce E Mattare
Principal Member, NCD Financial, LLC

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