Why Premier BPO LLC?

Premier BPO LLC ?

I’m not sure you have heard of us but Premier BPO LLC is a hidden gem among global outsourcers. Premier BPO LLC is a Global BPO Company and a seasoned BPO Provider with more than 100 years of BPO industry experience in outsourcing through Onshore and Offshore facilities to meet & exceed its valued clients demands from Europe, North America and Far East Asia. Premier BPO LLC enjoys three global outsourcing locations in Quezon City – Philippines, Lahore – Pakistan and Kunshan City – China.

Premier is a U.S based BPO, with operations around the globe. We provide outsourced services to businesses just like yours, lowering costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Our global footprint. including the Philippines and China, gives a unique advantage to support our partners reduce operating costs by 50% providing multi-channel inbound and outbound customer service, sales and back office support.

Premier BPO was established in 2003. It strives to combine customer needs with technology and people to produce a synergistic blend of customized solutions that produce higher profits, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction and lasting client relationships.Based on years of experience in providing businesses with Call Centers, IT Support , Back Office, Medical Billing, Financial and Banking services, etc, we know that most clients:

  • Require customized solutions tailored to their needs that are conceived and implemented through a consultative process; and then seamlessly integrated with their processes and systems. (FAQs)
  • Desire 24/7 operational capability for certain outsourcing solutions.
  • Dictate that the new end-to-end process, resulting from the outsourcing solution, is governed by a service contract, which delivers cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, metrics, reports, and analytics for their business.
Premier BPO’s team has a very successful history of assisting customers build businesses, reduce costs, improve margins, and increase share of market.  The team is credited with building, and operating the world’s largest call center, data entry processing, IT services, and successfully implementing numerous solutions at forty-one processing locations worldwide.

At Premier BPO we profess that we do all of the above and more ….. So compare us for quality, reliability, experience, price, technical capability, and commitment to serve you and your customers.

Premier BPO has outsourcing facilities in the United States, China, the Philippines, and Pakistan. All of the locations are managed by highly educated and experienced personnel, many of whom were educated and trained in the United States and have contributed towards Premier’s success since its inception.

Premier BPO’s business philosophy is inspired by the vision that, “Our customer’s customer is Our Customer”, thus mandating a customer centric service culture, where outsourcing solutions transcend business boundaries, and our customer’s needs and interests are treated above our own.

“As a longtime client, I want to thank you for being a true partner with us. As you know the call center environment is one with ever increasing regulatory oversight. Premier BPO LLC is well aware of this and places great emphasis on being compliant while simultaneously meeting management objectives. Your company’s commitment to success shows at every level of management down to the individual supervisor and agent. I’m glad we partnered with Premier BPO LLC and look forward to maintaining that relationship for years to come.”

Bruce E Mattare
Principal Member, NCD Financial, LLC

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