Cass is an established brand name in the expense management field, providing business intelligence for cost-effective solutions for its customer base. They facilitate a vast Fortune 500 portfolio with custom services for utility payments, freight management, cloud solutions, and more. Premier BPO facilitated Cass with a skilled workforce for high-quality processes with considerably reduced costs, equivalent to the in-house standard. Our burgeoning relationship with Cass enabled our Research and Support Analysts to augments service levels from data entry to back-office tasks to decision-making Client Relations roles to expanded Expense Management operations, and more. We not only process KPO functions but also provide Software Testing for Quality Assurance for the proprietary CassPort software; which mandates a particular requirement for each customer. Our FTEs effectively provide 100% accuracy of records, while processing over 30 to 40 thousand invoices a day. Handling hundreds of Cass customers with expert ability, our turnaround time for Client Relations queries is less than 24 hours. Premier shares Cass’s customer-centric values and has expertly immersed itself in Cass’s culture while building long-term relations.