The Newberry Group – Cyber Secure MSP Solutions for Reduced Costs with Uncompromised Quality


The Newberry Group is a renowned MSP and IT services provider that specializes in providing information security to many top-of the line government and private enterprises. Premier BPO assisted Newberry with streamlined, improved quality, and efficient Help Desk services; utilizing labor arbitrage for considerably lowered costs. Creating separate levels for escalation, our FTEs expedited the process greatly. Value-adding to the relationship, Premier BPO furthered Newberry’s Customer Survey (C-Sat) score gold stars incrementally. Capable of training new recruits within 2 weeks, Premier BPO’s team performed five times greater to the in-house team. Also creating the enterprising post of the Service Desk Coordinator and QA analyst, Premier BPO services over 50 Newberry clients 24/7. Premier BPO focuses on long-term, custom-serviced, mutually beneficial relationships, as is reflected in the words of the Newberry Group.

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