Expediting Dental Insurance by Provider Credentialing and Verification


Dental Office Support specializes in Back-Office Services for Dental Insurance and Benefits Verifications, Billing, and Collections for healthcare practitioners. They required Premier BPO’s support with inconsistencies in patient record management because of upscaling with a constant check on operations and overflow management. Our able Revenue Cycle Management team planned and executed a 90-day pilot project, defining timelines with a Premier BPO value-added, cloud-platform for communication. Our capable team boosted revenues and patient volume within a week of appointment. Premier BPO was able to expedite their credentialing process with absolutely no downtime and reduced claims while decreasing costs by 45%. Our personnel facilitated high-quality treatment by tracking and overseeing providers, handling Insurance coverage details, improving collections, and timely verifying and maintaining digital patient records. Premier BPO’s set QA and training procedures allowed a flexible solution with a streamlined process flow even during the pandemic times.

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