IGNITIST - Lead Gen and CRM Solutions for Healthcare Insurance Clientele


Ignitist is a reputable Insurance provider with a niche in American senior healthcare. They facilitate philanthropically by providing affordable Medicare packages to their customers’ families while ensuring their future. Premier BPO employed labor arbitrage for Level 1 Lead Gen and relieved Ignitist’s licensed agents, while ours handled critical verification of interested Medicare clients. We introduced Medicare to qualified seniors and sent those interested to licensed agents who can help. We Currently possess a team of 50 FTEs while preparing for AEP, handling 60,000 to 100,000 calls per day. Premier BPO also devised a value-added Centralized Leads Management Portal connecting us, Ignitist, and their clients under one platform. This solution allowed an overview of the operations with statistics in real-time. Exceeding the daily targets by 150% Premier BPO established a congenial relationship with Ignitist, while set to ramp up to 200 FTEs by 2021.

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