A recent study showed that 86% of homeowners prefer smart home technology, which is especially critical with the growing consumer spending by Millennials and Gen Zers1. With one-third of the homes in the U.S. having some sort of smart home device, the industry expects significant demand for smart home technology, especially security solutions, in the next five years2.

TITAN Awards 2024

With ever-growing demand, smart home solution providers face increasing pressure to deliver outstanding service to grow their market share and sustain their nurtured customer base. Customer Experience plays a vital role in successfully adopting smart home technology in a crowded market where the customer has numerous options. A majority of customers (59%) mention a preference for businesses that tailor customer interactions3. CX management and meticulous focus on each stage of the customer journey can help drive positive and memorable experiences that foster customer loyalty, drive revenue, and ensure long-term success.

Premier BPO recognizes the need for a holistic approach to deliver exceptional CX. Service delivery must encompass exceptional support, unwavering client focus, and a commitment to continuous improvement to provide exceptional CX.

Client: Smart Home Technology Company

The Challenge

The client faced a growing disconnect between its ambitious goals and its customer service reality. Rapidly growing customer demand turned the client’s operations into an unmanageable mess, with service quality issues resulting in dissatisfied customers and long wait times. Operational inefficiencies led to technical problems, open service cases, and high error rates: inconsistent case handling and cross-training challenges highlighted process gaps, severely hampering the customer experience. Frustrated customers and operational inefficiencies threatened the client’s hard-earned market position.

The Solution

Premier BPO formed a dedicated team to partner with the client’s key stakeholders to identify goals and realign efforts to focus on the core mission and specific customer needs. Premier BPO gathered and analyzed data to prioritize initiatives and develop targeted solutions for each pain point to enhance customer service and streamline operations. Applying industry best practices and competitor benchmarking, conducting internal surveys, and organizing focus groups led to detailed process mapping improvements to streamline operations and reduce frequent customer challenges. Through the use of critical tools, such as workforce management systems and NICE activity coding, the team improved data dashboards, redesigned training curriculums, and developed critical cross-skill agent tooling.

The Results

The client leveraged Premier BPO’s customer experience transformation to drive operational efficiency and better customer outcomes. Operational efficiency skyrocketed as pending queue calls decreased by 33.3%, average call handling time decreased by 26.6%, and the average number of open customer service cases decreased significantly by 57.1%.

Financial gains were realized when the payment transaction error rate dropped by 73.9%, saving clients valuable resources. Positive online reviews surged across platforms, enhancing the brand’s reputation.

The exceptional customer service brought measurable results and was recognized with the Platinum Award at the Titan Business Awards 2024. “We’ve worked closely with Premier BPO for many years and have grown our relationship across many areas. We’re incredibly impressed by their dedication to client satisfaction and innovative customer service approach. This recognition from TITAN Awards is a well-deserved recognition of their exceptional team and commitment to excellence,” said the client’s VP of Customer Experience.

Premier BPO’s Proven Strategy for CX Success

Premier BPO’s dedication to excellence and innovation in CX has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards. The 2024 Titan Business Platinum Award for Customer Service highlights a commitment to exceeding client expectations and continuous improvement. Awards are a great validation, but client success and an overall 85.3% CSAT score are the real testaments.

Learn what other leading companies have discovered about a better co-sourcing partner. Transforming business operations and recording measurable improvements in key metrics solidify Premier BPO’s position as an industry leader in transforming and elevating customer experience.

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