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Contact Center Services

Choosing a Contact Center Provider

Choosing an outsourcing partner for your contact center services is a big decision. Reliability matters when you are allowing someone else to handle your client interactions. While tracking KPI’s is table stakes, how a partner approaches the relationship can have a big impact on achieving the business outcomes you are seeking. With Premier BPO, we want to give you confidence that we fit into your culture and can reflect your brand as true ambassadors. We offer a range of omnichannel contact center services, both inbound and outbound. Explore below.

Differentiating on service is becoming more critical, while retaining talent for these crucial roles is putting pressure on profitability. By using a co-sourcing partner like Premier BPO, you get the business outcomes you are looking for while enhancing service quality to your customers.

Our Contact Center Services Include

Customer Care

  1. Customer Service
  2. General Inquiries
  3. Seasonal Staffing
  4. Account & Billing Inquiries
  5. Scheduling & Appointments
  6. Complaints & Issue Resolution
  7. Loyalty & Retention Programs


  1. Inbound Sales
  2. Order Handling
  3. Upselling & Cross-Selling
  4. Customer Retention Programs
  5. Abandoned Cart Follow Up
  6. Sales Campaign Support
  7. Lead Generation

Product Support

  1. Order Processing
  2. Product Questions
  3. Returns & Refunds
  4. Channel Partner Support
  5. Social Media Monitoring

Customer Experience (CX) Solutions

  1. CX Consultancy
  2. Omnichannel CX Solutions
  3. Contact Center CRM Integration
  4. Self-Service Automation
  5. AI Integration


  1. Order Processing
  2. Customer Support
  3. Dynamic Product Data Management
  4. Strategic Marketing Support
  5. Platform Optimization
  6. Returns & Refunds

Technical Support

  1. Help Desk Support
  2. Security & Data Protection
  3. System Updates & Upgrades
  4. Troubleshooting Technical Issues
  5. Product Installation & Setup
  6. Device & Software Support
  7. Remote Desktop Support
  8. Configuration Assistance

Our Approach to Contact Center Services

Your business situation is unique so we take time to understand your goals to provide a tailored approach to supporting your customers. Whether it is to reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction scores, or provide differentiated service, our dedicated team model ensures we are aligned to your success.

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We believe in transparency and accountability. Our team provides regular updates to track against near term KPI’s and goals while providing actionable insights to help enhance your business outcomes. You’ll always find us responsive, including our senior management.

Not only will we help you accomplish more, but we also help our clients enhance quality and improve their business processes, all at significant savings over in-house efforts.

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