What Are Back Office Processes?

Back-office processes are everyday vital functions of all companies that are administrative, repetitive and necessary but may not be core to a company’s value proposition. Although the operations of a back office are not considered strategic, they are critical to business success. Back office functions may include compliance, operations support, records, clearance, finance, and IT services, etc.

Some generic back-office functions include:

  • Claims processing

  • Customer administration

  • Applications and record-keeping

  • Payments/statement processing/adjustments

  • Loan initiation/processing

  • Priority case management

  • Order fulfillment/client services

  • Payroll/Accounting/billing

  • Inside sales support /lead generation

  • Transaction processing

  • Data entry and Inventory invoicing

  • Document indexing, conversion, and scanning

  • Database management and web development

Back offices may be located in areas with lower rent and labor costs, somewhere other than the company headquarters. Such functionality may be outsourced to Business Process Outsourcing organizations in multiple geographies to maximize both cost savings and disaster recovery.  Fundamentally, back offices repetitively process large volumes of transactions. These processes can be simple, in/out steps (i.e., posting a payment), or complex, multi-step processes that span days, weeks, or even months (i.e., commercial loan applications and fraud case management). The individuals involved can range from data entry clerks to auditors, account and case managers, and IT professionals. Regardless of the function, the business objectives remain essentially the same:

  • Enhancing the accuracy and speed of work

  • Providing lowest cost of processing

  • Meeting service delivery deadlines

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction

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Premier BPO’s Business Process Management Cycle:

Always putting our valued clients first, Premier BPO LLC provides Back office services to multiple organizations belonging to the Fortune 500 as well as mid-size organizations. Creating a synergy of technology with manpower, we process transactions at the lowest possible cost per activity with the highest degree of accuracy. Having a robust history of outsourcing solutions, crossed milestones, and building longstanding business relationships, Premier BPO is the ultimate choice for a business partner. Strategizing your smooth back-office functions on behalf of you, we reduce operational cost, increase revenues, and allow you to focus on your core competencies.

Back-Office Process With BPM:

Business Process Management or BPM is the stellar system of analyzing, monitoring, and organizing workflow approaches, within an institution, to improve efficiency and continually optimize outcomes. It is a repetitive process that evolves in time and is considered part and parcel of present-day best business practices.

BPM tools often leverage automation to streamline business values and practical planning. Enabling BPM practice with your Back-office operations will allow you to deliver greater business value to your customers and stake holders. BPM processes typically involve:

  • Identifying and designing change in existing process flow by automating or re-engineering

  • Modeling execution methods for each task to ensure focus, including administration

  • Evaluating during implementation, for reporting and troubleshooting

  • Correcting and improving to standardize quality operations through software or robotics

  • Optimizing for company growth metrics and enhanced customer experience

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Robotic Process Automation:

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) handles and manipulates information by software robots (AI). Possessing machine learning capabilities, it handles and mimics high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required human involvement at large scale.

Robotic software is designed and built to send/receive information and act on task-driven rules. Moreover, RPA’s ‘robots’ are built with future capacity handling and can adopt standard utilities through automated processing and self-learning. These then capture and interpret existing applications to:

  • Process transactions

  • Manipulate data

  • Trigger responses

  • Communicate with other digital systems

RPA Applications:

RPA’s can assist with various branches such as finance, procurement, supply chain management, accounting, customer service, and human resources. Depending on their practical application, they can be utilized in almost any field, some of which include:

  • Process automation, which can expedite back-office tasks like data entry, purchase order issuing, creation of online access credentials, or everyday functionality.

  • IT Support and Management in remote infrastructures can consistently investigate and solve problems for faster output. RPA can improve service desk operations and the monitoring of network devices.

  • Automated Assistants can provide answers to queries in the natural language rather than software code. Similar to voice recognition software, it can be used to process language, retrieve information, and structure basic content to suit customer needs.

(Premier BPO is a member of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence)

The Intersection of BPM and RPA

RPA software can help companies boost their capabilities and save money on large scale transactions. Industrial robots are remaking the manufacturing industry by elevating people from dull, repetitive tasks, and aiding IT support processes, workflow, and improve cycle time. BPM, however, aids in overall revitalization and amplification of company capabilities, particularly focusing on digital transformation for superior customer experiences.

RPA’s should be employed only when human intervention is to be avoided to completely mechanize pre-determined processes. BPM, on the other hand, requires human stimulation and input and can help achieve organizational goals through personal development.

When combined, they can complement each other. Determining the need for either or both would require a preliminary analysis of workflow within any organization. Luckily, Premier BPO is not only your back-office solutions partner but also provides excellent consultancy regarding custom-made business models.

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Our back-office experts herald multi-choice, cost-effective, and smooth-running solutions perfected just for you. Share your operational challenges with us, and we will provide options to curtail all inconsistencies and boost productivity.

Premier BPO offers free limited consultancy on Business Process Management for back-office operations optimization, and respectively related solutions. We assure you to reduce your operational cost by 45% to 60%.

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