A recent Wall Street Journal article states that Houston has one of the highest return-to-office workers after Covid-19 in the entire nation. But even with 86% of companies bringing back workers, the floors are half empty.

Hybrid work policies are being implemented in the state and in nearly every office to bring people back; still the crowds outside for recreational activities are much larger compared to inside the office.


An analysis showed that the attendance of the average employee today has dropped about 40% a month from  the time of the pandemic.

Even with high return rates for cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin, offices are working at half capacity. Yet the expense of the physical workspace still remains for companies.

The problem is how to fill the half-missing workforce and make up for the productive hours lost?

With some companies considering to accommodate a permanent WFH workforce in the future, the more efficient choice would be to outsource.

You can outsource to immediately fill positions for a full-time, dedicated, and skilled team.

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