Qualifications (要求):

  • We have an exciting opportunity for individuals with following skills. (我们希望您掌握以下技能)
  • Graduate with CET 4 or good English reading/writing skills. (CET-4或同等水平,具有良好的英语读写能力)
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).(熟练运用包括outlook在内的办公软件)
  • Hardworking with a sense of responsibility to complete assigned tasks in timely manner.(有责任心,能够完成每天分配的任务,确保准确、及时)

Responsibilities (职责):

  • Work in a small team of 20 individuals. (在一个由20人组成的小团队工作)
  • Process online and paper applications according to given criteria. (根据已有的标准审核在线和书面申请)
  • Process documents received with online and paper applications. (审核注册账号所需的相关文件)
  • Complete all tasks assigned for the day in a timely manner. (及时完成当天任务)
  • Communicate with client using already created email templates. (用已有的邮件模板和客户进行交流)
  • Communicate with other departments via email. (通过邮件和其他部门进行沟通交流)
  • Most of our clients are international companies so working hours and holidays may vary according to clients requirement. (工作时间和节假日会依据客户要求进行调整,以保证大部分全球客户的需求)


  • We have a large number of Chinese clients along with English, Japanese, and Arabic. It is a very diverse working environment to work and learn. (我们拥有使用汉语以及英语、日语、阿拉伯语在内的大量客户,具有多元化的工作以及学习氛围)
  • A chance to further improve your English communication skills. (进一步提高英语交流技能的机会)
  • We provide subsidized housing to our employees. Our housing is located close to McDonald’s, cinema, and shopping marts. We provide pick and drop service to employees living in company provided housing. (提供付费公寓或房屋补贴,公寓靠近麦当劳,电影院和超市,若员工住宿提供接送服务)
  • Salary structure: Base wage + Performance bonus + Social assurance+ Housing fund. (薪资结构:基本工资+绩效工资+五险一金)
  • Extra work bonus. (额外工作绩效奖金)
  • Annual bonus. (年终奖金)

Working Time (工作时间):

  • Work 5 days a week and 8 hours a day; 5天8小时工作制
  • 白班:8:30-17:30;中班 13:00-22:00

Interested candidates can forward their resumes
at recruitment@premierbpo.com
mentioning Job Title in the subject.