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The advent of e-commerce challenges the business model of most brick-and-mortar retailers. A greater dependence on e-commerce for a retailer means that a higher percentage of sales will come from e-commerce, and that those sales are likely to outpace overall brick-and-mortar sales growth. Much of the growth in e-commerce sales is likely to come from growth in mobile platforms for online shopping. Thus, traditional retailers will see erosion in sales productivity in their brick-and-mortar stores. Furthermore, fixed costs of brick-and-mortar retailers will translate into reduced margins on each sale.

As e-commerce grows, the competitive advantage based solely on price will erode as the Internet largely neutralizes these advantages. Greater focus and conversion to e-commerce techniques will greatly assist in managing margins, sales, and productivity.

Why Premier BPO LLC

Premier BPO LLC, in consultation with the client, will develop or enhance a customer’s existing e-commerce strategy with the objective of maximizing e-commerce solutions. A typical client’s e-commerce solutions suite will usually employ some, or all, of the following practices:

  • Provide e-tail, or “virtual storefronts,” on websites with online catalogs, sometimes gathered into a “virtual mall”;

  • Buy or sell on websites or online marketplaces;

  • Electronic data interchange: the business-to-business exchange of data;

  • Prospective and established customer outreach by e-mail or fax (for example, with newsletters);
  • Buying and selling solutions;
  • Secure business transactions; and
  • Other mutually collaborative solutions crafted for customized client programs.

Thus, with millions of business transactions speeding across telephone wires, computer networks, wireless equipment, and home computers on a daily basis, and with Premier BPO LLC as your partner, e-commerce empowers our clients’ optimization of their B2B commercial transactions channels utilizing effective Internet tools.

Premier BPO LLC achieves

Premier BPO LLC achieves the following client goals through e-commerce partnership:

  • Integration of e-commerce into our clients’ businesses;

  • Improvement of operations through automation;

  • Increase in revenues through access to an infinite customer base;

  • Reduction in cost of running the e-commerce business;

  • Implementation of systems that result in better communication with customers, partners, and within the company; and

  • Migration, integration, maintenance, and support of standard e-commerce transactions into existing and legacy applications.

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