Although the Coronavirus outbreak restricted the ability to go to brick and mortar stores for everyone, the natural consumerist appetite had to be satiated one way or another. All businesses gradually shifted operations to the cloud, partially or completely, to sustain in the unstable economy. Hence the traditional brick-and-mortar exchange behavior started evolving towards digital solutions, even more so than in the last decade. E-Retail companies and their subsequent functions are prepped to face modern-day customer challenges, provided they have virtual access capabilities.

Outsourced e-Commerce Retail Solutions & Services

A massive change in consumer purchasing habits was observed along with web traffic spikes during the global pandemic lockdown. U.S Retail sales went up 30.1% as compared to 2019, in the first six months of 2020, according to

The concept of merchandising, discount sales, and seasonal offers has promoted an online purchasing frenzy, particularly among the tech-savvy youth. Mobile shopping, ease of purchase, and global shipment capability have transformed the way people procure goods today.


With the growth of the industry itself, competitive advantages erode over the internet, unless you have an ace up your sleeve. For creating a greater focus on conversion margins, sales, and productivity, E-businesses will require a new approach.

Customer Experience (CX) is the key differentiator today that determines and influences the success rate of your operations. Online purchase outlets serve in parallel to the traditional physical E-Retailers, so consumers expect the same level of personalized service as experienced face-to-face.

Exceptional Customer Service defines a trademark enterprise, which in turn, provides a high-value Customer Retention Cycle. Centric to any enterprise’s success, consumer engagement, and the buyer’s journey will help decide the future outlook of your corporation. To stand out from the crowd, present-day businesses need scalability options, as well as the ability to withstand high traffic volumes.

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E-commerce and BPO

Here Business Process Outsourcing has all the innate abilities to help your cause. Outsourcing has greatly contributed in the past to expedite Customer Retention and Brand Loyalty, through superior Contact Center Support. Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Warehousing are all interconnected with the E-commerce industry and have previously applied Outsourcing to generate higher revenues. Some services outsourced for E-commerce corporations include:

  • Data Entry, Cleansing, and Management

  • Order and Delivery Processing, Management, Fulfilment, and Invoicing

  • Inventory, Cataloguing, and Database Management

  • Shipment processing, Return and Exchange handling

  • Customer Care, IT Support and Survey

  • Research Analytics and Software Testing for Optimization

  • Marketing/campaigning (SEO, content, social media, email, website)

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting (A/P, A/R, Payroll)

  • Web and Mobile development (compatibility, interface, product visibility, navigation, access)


Premier BPO consults with each partner to develop and enhance their existing E-Retail strategy. Our objective is to maximize productive and predictive E-commerce solutions. We also design outcomes powered by cloud-infrastructure to accelerate day-to-day transactions. Utilizing software, portals, and tools, we create optimized communication channels for our clientele to cultivate new opportunities. Our solutions suite includes but is not limited to:

  • Virtual storefronts, malls, or E-tail (websites, online catalogs, directories)

  • Buying/ selling on online marketplaces

  • Electronic data interchange (b2b exchange)

  • Customer Outreach strategy (calls, e-mail, fax, chat, newsletters, etc.)

  • Highly secure business transactions

  • Client customized, mutually collaborative solutions

  • Migration, integration, and support of standard transactions (existing/legacy applications)

  • Improvement of operations through automation and cloud solutions

  • Increase in revenues through access to an infinite customer base

  • Cost reduction for operations through offshore teams

  • Abridging communication between customers, partners, and businesses


Handling all Back-office operations for you, we allow you to focus on strategic Business Development and critical decision-making. Premier BPO provides its patrons with multiple benefits through an E-commerce partnership.

Benefits of Outsourcing E-commerce

It is crucial to have a seasoned partner by your side to curb any oversights during professional dealings, especially with customers. When employing a third-party service provider, choose someone with grounded experience. Luckily, Premier BPO’s personnel is extensively trained and well-versed with back-office dealings in every field, including E-commerce/E-Retail.


If you haven’t considered outsourcing for the last quarter, then better start now. Smart businesses plan months before to quell the barrage of customer complaints that come with glitching, groggy websites. Even if you require additional support during the end-of-the-year sale period, Premier BPO is well-equipped to aid you.

According to a forecast report by Deloitte, E-commerce sales are expected to grow by 25% – 35% during the 2020 – 2021 holiday season, generating up to 196 billion dollars.

Any E-Retail business site would need to gear up considering the upcoming massive customer rush. To avoid the subsequent website crashes and loss in communication due to angry consumers, one can aptly outsource to mitigate the situation.

To reduce the excessive load on your systems, Premier BPO’s outsourced Tech teams can provide the necessary support, while supervising with system health checks. Drop us a query, and we will get back to you with details on your custom-made E-commerce solution.

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