Dave Shapiro Shares Insights as Brands Explore
Topic of Offshoring

Columbus, Ohio: May 10th , 2023 – Premier BPO, a business process co-sourcing company specializing in first-time offshore programs attended the SOCAP International Spring Symposium; a platform for customer care and contact center leaders to discuss the latest trends and practices in delivering customer experience.

The event in Ohio celebrated SOCAP’s 50 th anniversary and brought together veterans and first-timers. First-time attendees enjoyed a pre-event mixer the night before the forum kicked off. The forum explored cutting-edge technology in CX and the evolution of processes post-pandemic. It provided attendees with the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and network with industry veterans and partners.

Premier BPO’s Chief Operating Officer, Dave Shapiro, took to the stage as a featured panel speaker. He shared offshoring best practices and answered questions from the engaged audience to explore offshoring vs onshore or nearshore. Emphasizing the importance of cultural sensitivity and client data security, Dave also spoke about general misconceptions regarding offshoring to certain locations.


“Effective communication, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration are essential for successful offshore outsourcing. As is Premier BPO’s purpose, we immerse ourselves in our client’s values to ensure that we become a seamless extension of their business. This enables us to treat our clients’ customers as our own and deliver high-touch experiences”, said Dave Shapiro.

Dave also shared real-life examples, pointing out the need for consultative expertise and integrating a high level of personalization in solutions. The Premier BPO veteran highlighted how clients gain value- added partnerships when account management is catered for by leadership involvement. The session offered information regarding innovative ideas that can help revolutionize the way businesses approach outsourcing. Also highlighted was the importance of selecting the right partner, managing communication and collaboration, and ensuring quality and timely delivery.

SOCAP provides a unified platform to bring together thought leaders, innovators, and businesses to drive business strategy for better customer engagement. The biannual event facilitates industry collaborations, business partnerships, and support networking. SOCAP International’s mission aligns with Premier BPO, as both organizations are centered on customer care. Their focus is providing support solutions to businesses to address associated challenges to enhance their customer experiences.

Dave Shapiro has personally been a SOCAP member for over thirty years, and likewise, Premier BPO is a longstanding SOCAP member; committed to supporting innovation and thought leadership in offshore outsourcing. The company offers tailored Co-sourcing solutions that enable High touch CX.

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About Premier BPO:  

Premier BPO seeks to be a seamless extension of its client’s business processes. This is done by immersing itself in the client’s values and objectives and by providing dedicated resources that serve as a blended workforce within the client’s organization. The company offers co-sourcing , a hybrid approach to outsourcing, across multiple functions for several industries through its global sites. Premier BPO has invested in security and compliance processes including obtaining PCI certification and has been serving clients since 2003.

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