Existing LivePerson Customers

Using LivePerson to handle your live chats? You might have purchased the subscription and then realized that it is harder to man the agents than you had anticipated.

This is where we come in! We can man live agents to help you get the most out of LivePerson. Our agents are trained and also continuously reviewing the newest features to ensure your organization gets the most benefit out of the investment in LivePerson.

Premier BPO LLC Admins & Agents for LivePerson

With Premier BPO LLC Admins & Agents for LivePerson.

Looking for LivePerson Admins? We’ll configure and maintain your system, users, and help with reporting and integration.

Need help with manning additional agents across different platforms or time zones or after-hours? Our LivePerson Agents can help augment your current team.

Use Cases for Hiring Premier BPO LLC Agents:

LivePerson Admin Outsourcing

LivePerson Admin LivePerson Agent
Standard Engagement
Customizable Window
Meaning Connections Score
LiveEngage to connect Facebook (Integration)
LiveEngage and SMS Messaging
Configure Pre-Defined Content & Automatic Messaging
Load Balance Routing
Standard Report

LivePerson Agent Outsourcing

We’ll help you respond to live inquiries via web, mobile, SMS, facebook, iPhone iMessage.

Why use Premier BPO LLC to outsource your LivePerson Agents and Admin?

Trained Dedicated Resources

With Premier BPO LLC you’ll get a dedicated LivePerson Admin or agent instead of having to deal with a pool of shared resources. Other outsourcing companies will put small customers into a shared services model so each time you contact them, you might get a different person that isn’t familiar with your business, your processes, or your people. With Premier BPO LLC, you will have a dedicated admin that you can always go to and know that they understand your business, your industry, your processes and policies.

Outsourcing Expertise

Premier BPO LLC was founded in 2003 and has only been providing outsourcing services. We’ve developed processes based on our management team’s experience in the industry and evolved it over time. We look for long-term relationships with customers. We’ve also received industry awards and recognition across the globe.

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