IT Services Outsourcing:

Information Technology and innovation gave outsourcing it’s stardom in the early ’90s, gradually becoming a notable prospect of everyday business functionality. Outsourcing fundamentally means subletting certain functions within your organization to a third party that manages your business with a team of experts.

Digitization enabled businesses to leverage automation, particularly after the coronavirus outbreak. Premier BPO’s broad experiences in the IT sector allow continued operations, in an online, remote-ready, and secure environment with an open strategy to expand your startup moving forward.

Premier BPO administers IT Support Services across multiple departments, designed specifically to suit your corporate needs.

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Service Desk Solutions:

The Service Desk is the modern replacement of help desk services and allows technicians to act as the point of contact between the customer served and the company offering services. Centric to customer experience enhancement, service desk technicians resolve issues and troubleshoot incidents while communicating with users effectively.

Premier BPO’s service desk technicians help upgrade, troubleshoot, maintain, and report on all your hardware components and requirements, along with resolving software inconsistencies. With remote-ready systems, they can provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support 24/7 with omnichannel capabilities.

Utilizing ZOHO CRM, we have an online ticketing portal, which allows our agents to address your concerns in real-time, as soon as the request is sent to the first available agent. In all escalation levels, while providing NOC support, our technicians are capable of resolving urgent tickets at high speed. Whether its email or a call, our service personnel stays involved throughout the process, till the problem is met head-on.

Also guiding with administrative functions, passwords, and licenses, our service desk technicians can help diagnose system concerns and fix them promptly. All OS-related services and staff are Cisco, MCSA, MCSC, and CCMA certified. Offering software as a service (SaaS) as well, our team can help you with set-up and configuration, day to day activities, and end-user interactions.

Why should you outsource IT functions?

IT processes are critical components of all business functions and have undeniable benefits for any organization. Encompassing other services like back-office support, software support, security systems, web development, database management programming, and others; IT outsourcing takes these functions under its wing.

Analytics and reports on your IT processes can help you root out inconsistencies, and improve where excellence is lacking. Technical support also helps speed up the work pace, reduce risk, and provide flexibility to upscale or downscale your enterprise at will.
One could choose to outsource their IT department for several reasons considering the long-term advantages.

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Remote back-up with dinCloud HVD platform:

Hosted Virtual desktops (HVD’s) are capable of remote-functionality despite emergencies and provide online access to all your data no matter where you are. The cloud server offers back-up and virtual workspaces similar to the traditional desktop, but with all contingencies in place. Your employees can log in anytime, anywhere, with any device, and full system security.

DinCloud’s HVD’s allow mobile working, efficient results, and cost-effective infrastructure, all with industry complaint certifications and licenses. Our cloud back-up services also enable disaster recovery and are a particular need of the hour. Considering the pandemic outbreak and its subsequent effects on the global business market, business continuity requires an uninterrupted workflow. This can only be facilitated with flexible work solutions, such as a customized, cloud-based service that can easily merge with your existing systems.

Additionally, dinCloud’s HVD’s are scalable and customizable and come with round-the-clock technical support. Updating and troubleshooting software is all the easier and faster with virtual desktops. With instant access to your data, you have complete control over the data source. Considering the rampant organizational requirements of today, it is prudent to be thoroughly prepared.

Advantages of HVD

  • Device flexibility

  • Data recovery

  • Economic viability

  • Remote accessibility

  • Quality Assurance

  • Easy usage

  • Rapid scalability

  • Faster updates

Managed Service Provider (MSP):

With digital transformation at its peak in IT service sectors, the main concern is data security, reliability, and privacy. To keep up with the times, it is necessary to have an evolving, cyber-secure infrastructure, to permit Business continuity with high standards of delivery. Malware attacks are quite common these days, and often detrimental to your IT systems, if not addressed timely and avidly.

Premier BPO’s managed services allow you to protect your intellectual data and keep threats under control. MSP platforms enable peak productivity with contingency cloud backup. They come with perpetual tech support, considerable cost savings, and continuous system monitoring, all supported by Kaseya.

Now the C-suite of your business can rest easy, knowing that the full monty is under observation 24/7. Rest assured; we provide you with a dedicated team of professionals to expedite your venture’s efforts while caring for all unforeseen circumstances.

MSP Services:

  • Security assurance and reporting

  • Patch management

  • Cloud backup

  • Web/SPAM email

  • Asset management

  • Monitoring and alerting

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Software Testing and Quality Assurance:

Software testing is a process that empowers software system functionality to conform to the specifications provided while identifying any bugs, errors, or inconsistencies. Quality assurance and testing go hand in hand and are vital for quality engineering. For business success, it is imperative to root out any technical risks as they may hamper overall performance, revenue generation, and cause legal violations.

Digitization has led to increased security risks. To mitigate these, security testing is also a critical function, which allows you to root out vulnerabilities. Testing enables you to identify gaps and defects, troubleshoot timely, review performance analytics, reduce costs, and access scalability.

A continuous process, software testing requires a dedicated team of experts that can help generate end-to-end results in real-time. Software is at the core of your business; therefore, its reliability defines your success rate. As is in present-day, work from home scenarios; remote functionality is completely dependent upon technology, innovation, and digital software.

Software Testing Benefits

Premier BPO’s Software Support Solutions:

Premier offers customized, on-demand testing services with a cadre of software developers from across the globe. Offering a wide range of testing types, we expedite the testing lifecycle by providing a systemic layout of procedures that produces efficient results. Applying innovation, modern methodologies, and automation, we add value to your enterprise operations and allow you to focus on the core strengths of your business.

Our API testing capabilities allow validation of our cloud services with mobile and web applications. Enabling security checks, system performance updates, checks on web interface end-points, protocols, and compliances; they also facilitate software development.

Premier BPO’s outsourced software testing solutions include:

1. Functional testing:

  • Sanity testing

  • Smoke testing

  • Regression testing

  • Unit testing

2. Non-functional testing:

  • Performance testing

  • Load testing

  • Capacity testing

  • Endurance testing

3. API testing

4. Migration testing

5. Manual testing:

  • Beta testing

  • Whitebox testing

  • Blackbox testing

  • GUI testing

  • Usability testing

  • Link testing

  • Ad-hoc testing

  • Mutation testing

  • Alpha testing

  • Boundary testing

6. Web services testing

7. Crowdsourced testing

Trusting an outsourcing partner for Software Support means, selecting someone with years of experience and with a complete understanding of individual preferences.  Premier BPO practices a testing lifecycle model and provides reports and analytics based on outcomes drawn from testing results. This transparency allows you to evaluate the efficiency and upgrade requirements of your systems yourself. Our software solutions are target-oriented, PCI compliant, and we design testing blueprints specific to each customer.

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