Combining Technology and Human Capital for Ongoing Back Office Operations

Contemporary work-life requires transformation and adaptation of modern technology into everyday processes for stability and continuity. Throughout the world, the focus right now is to utilize AI solutions to increase operational efficiency on every platform.

To keep corporations, leaders, investors, and networkers up to date with the latest happenings around the globe, Shared Services for Finance and Accounting (SSFA) hosted an online event this week.

Gathering the C-suite, Executives, and Directors of the Finance and Accounting industry, the online convention was a business extravaganza. Spanning over three days from June 16th, 2020 to June 18th, 2020, the virtual webinars featured expert advice from all the professionals of the field.

Features of the Event:

Under the banner of many sponsors, methods of innovation and technology application were the point of discussion by many Shared Service Organizations. Enhancing the effectiveness of the event, digital interaction tools like ‘Brella’enabled networking among professionals. Featuring a grand panel of speakers, the series analyzed topics regarding:

  • Effective IT buy-in & collaboration to ensure RPA program success
  • Doing more with less: meeting today’s SAP FI-CO challenges through Integrated Process Automation and Data Management
  • Securing your back-office operations safely amidst a crisis
  • The value of centralizing regulatory compliance
  • Using technology & 3rd party companies for business continuity
  • Using smart technology to become a revenue hero
  • Accounts Payable automation: expectations vs. Reality
  • Balancing risk and productivity in the new normal
  • Process Outsourcing – need of the hour

In addition to the live sessions, participants could interact and have a Q/A session to brainstorm later. Other methods to build trade contacts included registration to seminars of choice, live audience polls, chat solutions on virtual booths, messaging, zoom sessions, and virtual drinks at day end for open conversations.

Enabling Business Continuity for Back office Operations Amidst a Crisis

Premier BPO’s Contribution to Business Continuity:

Epitomizing the tips and tricks used to maintain a steady flow of Back-Office Processing in crisis, Premier BPO established the need of the hour. For any pre-existing business enterprise, modern adaptation is necessary for business continuity, as evident from the live session.

Educating audiences and attendees about the organizational collaboration between dinCloud and Premier BPO, the company executives highlighted the importance of using Global Labour Arbitrage in the present day.

Providing off-shore services in eight facilities around the world, Premier BPO’s COO, David Shapiro, emphasized the reasons for the unpreparedness of companies in the ongoing pandemic. The fundamental cause being legacy systems lacking digitized solutions and back-up.

The VP of Sales at dinCloud, David Graffia, focused on the need for cloud-based systems, the cost of transitioning from traditional desktop models to virtual infrastructure, and requirements for each element implemented. Comparing the advantages of using a provided service like DAAS to establishing a VDI from scratch; he signified its ease, reduced investment cost, optimized staffing, and OPEX structure.

Here’s a recap of the entire web session available for anyone who wishes to learn the secrets of flawless business operations by using outsourcing.

Other essential points discussed during the session encompassed:

  • A step by step plan to execute a business continuity model
  • Best practices that include geographical diversity, flexibility, and scalable technology
  • The Benefits of HVD systems in terms of extending hardware life, conservation of capital investment, disaster recovery, rapid scalability, and remote-readiness.
  • Advantages of an outsourcing partner; counting crisis management, identifying peaks and valleys, focusing on core competencies, and moveable resources.
  • Business transformation with the use of technology and labor side by side

Outlining why Premier BPO LLC is prepared for remote-requirements in the current age, the session opened to questions at the end. Overall, the webinar enlightened the attendees on how outsourcing can save your business amid crisis and in the evolution of traditional business working.