Client Overview

Build Direct is a digital home improvement platform that connects homeowners and field professionals with global sellers and products. Simplifying the online shopping experience, they provide a myriad of choice materials to builders, designers, re-sellers, DIY owners, home improvement professionals, and contractors. Their primary goal is to give freedom of choice for remodeling, décor, and improvement to their customers, without the heavy pricing, and for bulk or custom orders.

Their online marketplace offers a wide range of high-quality building materials, complete with flexible payment plans, free samples, and added technical support. From flooring, tiling, decking to warehousing, and delivering products to people’s doorsteps; they do it all with competitive bidding prices. Whether it’s heavyweight supply chain goods or at-site delivery, Build Direct possesses a personal transportation network with ground and ocean logistics for end-to-end service delivery and improved purchasing experiences.
Situated in Vancouver, British Columbia since 1999, Build Direct offers visual design support to its customers as well, while focusing on enhanced service quality. Joining hands with Premier BPO in Oct 2019, Build Direct shares our cultural values of commitment and exceptional Customer Care.

Customized CX Management And Sales Solutions For E-Commerce Client


Build Direct required excellent C-Sat ratings with improved Customer Experiences and a boost in closing outbound sales. The goal set by them for the Premier BPO team was to achieve 2 sales per agent per day, answer eighty-five percent (85%) of the calls received within 2 minutes, and achieve a 95% QA score. These were specified by a client grading process which is consistently met and exceeded by Premier BPO.


Build Direct anticipated Premier BPO’s offshore Philippines operations to drive Business Development forward while improving Customer Satisfaction. They expected increased upselling for pre-existing customer sales while significantly reducing operational costs to increase revenue and maintain high-quality results.

Our Action Plan

Logistics Back-Office Support and Sales Solution

Build Direct operates orders through its very own product website, which Premier BPO facilitates with two distinct functional teams; one for Logistics Back-Office Support and the other, a combination Sales team for Inbound/Outbound calls. Premier BPO has daily and weekly calls scheduled with the Build Direct contact teams to ensure streamlined operations with standardization of procedures.

Team structure and personnel

  • Team Lead

  • QA Manager/ Trainer

  • Non-voice operations team

  • Sales and Customer Support team

Functions Performed by Our FTEs

Logistics Department:

  • Resolving shipment errors with suppliers or carriers

  • Overseeing order fulfillment cycles and delivery schedules

  • Warehousing address management (forwarding to suppliers)

  • Processing orders obtained through the website

  • Resolving customer claims issues (damaged/missing and returned orders)

Inbound/Outbound Customer Support: ​

  • Customer guidance to avoid cart abandonment and ensure sale completion

  • Multi-touch lead conversion for product sales over a 90 days time-period

  • Leads Generation from Social Media channels for pushed-through leads

  • Strategizing sales by driving final customer decisions

  • Over the phone order placement and query handling

  • Selling of products and providing product information and samples to customers

  • Follow-up on Customer Satisfaction/feedback for Quality Assurance

  • Answer/respond to post-order customer emails and chat

Our Value-Added Service

Premier BPO’s able personnel also supports Build Direct for Customer Retention for their long-term, repeat customers like professional home renovators and contractors. Personal credit card information provided by Build Direct customers is stored on their servers and is partially accessible to Premier personnel only through secure VPN logins. Our services are PCI compliant and constantly monitored in a paperless environment. Our QA Manager works hand-in-hand with the Team Lead to ensure consistency at every step of the way. As a result, the CX outcomes of our team have consistently met Build Direct 5-star ratings.

Our Achievement

Within two months of the project launch, the exceptional performance of the Premier BPO team, lead Build Direct to expand the headcount by double. Our personnel maintained 100% QA results for several months in a row, making Build Direct extremely satisfied with our stellar performance. Each of our existing sales representatives handles 40 to 50 calls per day.

Why Premier BPO

Premier BPO mandates a client-centric culture, immersing ourselves within the client’s corporate processes to deliver equivalent to in-house standards. We provide personnel with the subject matter expertise and language skills necessary to drive your business forward while performing at the lowest cost of operations. Staffing extra at our end, we ensure the lowest attrition with round-the-clock functionality for our clientele. Our solutions are custom-built to suit your organizational models, paving the way forward for long-term relationships.