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Medical Billing Services

Premier BPO LLC is a leading medical billing services provider to businesses that belong to Fortune 500 & Inc. 500. Our seasoned BPO strategies and skills in business process management make us an ultimate choice for those intended to reduce operational cost and focus more on core business activities in revenue generation etc. Premier BPO LLC leadership has expertise in outsourcing solutions for more than 100 years, radiant history with achievements especially in back office processing and strategizing back office smooth functions running on behalf of our valued clients.

Spanning from data entry for cable and telecommunications industries as well as error free collections b2b and b2c, billing services, data entry & transcription, employee benefit processing, operational analysis & reporting, procurement services, research & data collection, transaction processing are some of salient back office functions most practiced and carefully customized as per client business needs.

Eligibility Verification
Premier BPO LLC’s eligibility verification service allows you to save money, reduce time, and improve service with Electronic Eligibility Verification.
Medical Billing
Our highly trained team uses leading technology, and meticulous compliance processing to help focus on patient and physician satisfaction.
Premier BPO LLC. offers customer support 24/7/365 through it’s offshore outsourcing centers in Philippines, China and Lahore-PK. We also support English, Spanish, French and other multi-lingual customers for customer care services, inside sales and tech-support.

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