Eligibility Verification

Eligibility Verification

Premier BPO LLC’s eligibility verification service allows you to save money, reduce time, and improve service with Electronic Eligibility Verification.

How much time and money does your practice devote to verifying patients’ insurance eligibility and policy coverage? How much time does your staff spend on the phone with health insurers and other payers, waiting for responses, and filling out forms? If your answer is “too much,” then electronic or electronic data interchange (EDI) health care eligibility requests and responses may be the solution. By adopting this method your practice can:

  • Submit eligibility benefit inquiries (eligibility requests) and receive payer responses faster and more accurately;
  • Identify primary care provider and other medical coverage;
  • Reduce claims rejections and avoid the collection and billing costs stemming from insurance verification errors;
  • Determine a patient’s financial responsibility from information provided by the electronic eligibility response, enabling your practice to collect from patients at the point of care; and
  • Apply your staff’s valuable time and energy to revenue-enhancing activities, instead of spending time making phone calls to health insurers.

Save money, reduce time, and improve service with electronic eligibility verification by using Premier BPO LLC’s Eligibility Verification Service.

“As a longtime client, I want to thank you for being a true partner with us. As you know the call center environment is one with ever increasing regulatory oversight. Premier BPO LLC is well aware of this and places great emphasis on being compliant while simultaneously meeting management objectives. Your company’s commitment to success shows at every level of management down to the individual supervisor and agent. I’m glad we partnered with Premier BPO LLC and look forward to maintaining that relationship for years to come.”

Bruce E Mattare
Principal Member, NCD Financial, LLC

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