SOCAP International is a global customer care organization that helps CX professionals with career development and client-centric organizations with thought leadership and community forums. This year SOCAP hosted the Indy Fall Symposium SOCAP 2022 in Indianapolis, with Premier BPO returning as a First Timer’s Orientation sponsor. Premier BPO specializes in helping first-time outsourcers explore and rollout a hybrid workforce.

The SOCAP forum gives attendees the ability to develop strategies for present-day challenges, network with expert leaders, and highlight tools for future ROI improvement.

In addition to the Indianapolis 500 racing theme, the latest SOCAP symposium was a phenomenal event for industry leaders to get together, exchange ideas, share best practices, and learn the latest trends in the industry.” commented Premier BPO COO, Dave Shapiro.

socap indy fall symposium 2022

Premier BPO Personal Takeaways from SOCAP Indy Fall Symposium

Recruitment is the foundation of the business; with a weak foundation, the program can collapse. Understanding the true importance of recruiting will lead to creating a great employee experience that transfers into the customer experience.

When the focus is on CX, the best first line is the agent handling the customer. The ultimate customer experience relies on the people handling the technology and not the technology itself, although it helps enhance efficiency.

Steps to getting the best customer experience:

  • Recruit the best possible candidate on every level – the best resources equal the best foot forward.

  • Humanize the onboarding process.

  • Don’t rush the training process – train longer and focused on what the client needs rather than wants. Train leadership on managing your people too.

SOCAP 22 Indy Fall Symposium Key Takeaways

Here’s a recap overview of the entire event citing select sessions, recapitulating trending business topics, shedding light on new rules and the workforce shift, and discussing emerging management styles from lessons of this year.

Omni-Channel CX and Customer Loyalty

Consumers always want more and are impatient when it comes to quality. The prime focus for all businesses is to provide the best customer service possible. Customer loyalty is rooted in emotion, which is best achieved through humanizing the product or service. Figure out how your customer feels about a certain problem by putting yourself in their shoes. For e.g., answering this question: “How do my customers feel about themselves when [name a step in your buyer journey]?

Understanding the consumer mindset will lead to improving performance, especially regarding speed and omnichannel service. Responsiveness alone isn’t enough. The human element of understanding context and being able to go outside of a ‘script’ or ‘program’ is what can differentiate your customer experience from that of a competitor.

Be present for your customers across the omni-channel:

  • Mobile-optimized experiences

  • Webchat to expedite conversations and reduce frustration with navigation

  • SMS and email to increase engagement

  • Website for redirecting customers to FAQs and self-service options

Measuring success begins with tracking metrics along the way:

  • Improving agent availability and reducing wait times with workforce management

  • Improving First Call Resolution (FCR) with trained agents

  • Personalization of customer experiences with data-empowered agents

  • NPS and C-Sat surveys to measure customer engagement

Sessions Referenced:

  • A New Perspective on Managing Top Performers – Nate Spears, COO, ClearSource

  • ROI of a Call Center – Bill Gosling Outsourcing

  • Disruptive Innovation

  • Finding the Sweet Spot: The Intersection of Peak Operational Efficiency & Highest Level CX

  • Bringing Innovation to Life Through Human Operations

Premier BPO Insight for Businesses

Our experts recommend the use of a blended workforce, especially one that can operate out of brick-and-mortar workspaces. This is a win-win solution that Premier BPO offers, that can help your business succeed amidst a wage war for skilled employees.

Premier BPO operates a combination of on-site and WFH employees within its blended workforce. Our focus is inclusivity, employee engagement, and being a source for individuals to develop both personally and professionally. This is why we can maintain an average of less than a 3% monthly attrition rate (well below industry standard) across our globally dispersed teams. Our Workforce Management Solution also helps First-Time outsourcers transition and grow their workforce with a smooth cultural shift.

About Premier BPO

Premier BPO seeks to be a seamless extension of its client’s business processes. This is done by immersing itself in the client’s values and objectives and by providing dedicated resources that serve as a blended workforce within the client’s organization. The company offers co-sourcing, a hybrid approach to outsourcing, across multiple functions for several industries through its global sites. Premier BPO has invested in security and compliance processes including obtaining PCI certification and has been serving clients since 2003.